Article Processing Charges

As a special consideration we have kept the publication fees to a very nominal amount affordable by all. The Article Processing Charges for IJMDCR will be $60 for developing countries & $100 for developed countries which shall be intimated to the corresponding author upon acceptance of the article. There is no fee for submission of the article.

Open Access Membership

IJMDCR is a leading Open Access publisher covering a wide range of academic disciplines. In order to cover the costs of publication, APC (Article processing charges) are required for accepted manuscripts.

IJMDCR offers two different types of Open Access Memberships to Organizations or Individuals who would like to enable their authors to publish their research in an Open Access journal without having to directly incur any Article Processing Charges:

1. For Institution/Organization
Annual Membership is based on a flat rate payment of $3000 that covers all accepted articles that have one or more authors from the member institute or organization. The cost of the membership is variable based on the research output level of the institute and its historical publishing pattern in IJMDCR.
By having this Annual Membership, Institutions/organizations can enable their authors to publish in IJMDCR without having to administer and pay the Article Processing Charges from their individual research budget. The flat rate system enables the member institute to know their cost for the next 12 months regardless of the number of articles that may be submitted or accepted for publication. IJMDCR will provide a new quotation for membership renewal about three months prior to the expiration of the current membership.

2. For Individual Authors
Membership is based on a prepayment from the author that will be used to cover the Article Processing Charges of their articles. Member authors should deposit an initial amount of $1,500 in order to begin their membership and they will receive an automatic discount of 10% for any publication charges that are paid from their account. Members of this program can add additional funds to their account at any point in time.
If you are interested in joining IJMDCR’s Open Access Institutional Membership program, or if you have any questions, please contact or